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Shared SEO Web Hosting

One of the cheaper and well known seo web hosting services in the world today that most webmasters and amateurs alike utilizing their services are those of shared hosting services. Not only are they affordable but they are stable enough for webmasters to upload their websites onto the servers. While the bandwidth is shared, it yet remains to be quite stable in its success rates of maintaining a good hosting platform. Also known as virtual hosting or derive host, this shared hosting service is connected to the internet on a single slot for thebest hosting account which is said to ‘˜sit’ on its own partition.

This partition is connected to the server similar to other sites in the same manner. This may not be the most economical plan for many webmasters as they would rather not have many others sharing their servers. This is only done with the sole intention of maintain the overall costs of the servers and its upkeep.

In a shared hosting facility, SEO Web Hosting reviews have stated that due to a great number of partitions which ‘˜sit’ on the same server, the administration privileges are shared. This can be a boon to those webmasters who would rather not deal with the intricate details of the maintenance factors but at the same time can become a hindrance for those who would rather like to have more control over their elected SEO web hosting provider. Shared SEO Web Hosting has seen to use a web based control panel system for the convenience of their customers. Some of the top control panels include cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin, all of which are formulated for the sole purpose of creating a user friendly interface for its end users. What many individuals do not understand is that shared SEO Web Hosting can be done privately where webmasters can share the expenses of running the server in a collocation center in a procedure called cooperative hosting.


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The Perils of a Cheap Web Hosting Plan

Okay, so you want to publish your website and are looking for a hosting website. You go to a Web Hosting Mexico website and you feel tempted after seeing a dirt-cheap hosting plan and you are all excited to sign-up for that plan. Hold on! That which seems like a cheap plan will cost you way more and would also cause you a lot of pain. There are a number of web-hosting service companies that offer very cheap Web Hosting Mexico plans, in fact some of them even offer free-of-cost hosting plans, this has now become a regular trend and in this article I will update you regarding the drawbacks of a cheap Web Hosting Mexico plan.
Even if you choose a reasonably priced plan, I recommend that before signing up for the plan, please do the research and get accustomed with the terms and conditions of the package, i.e. read the fine lines carefully. Having crystal clear understanding about the plan will make you aware of the benefits and the limitations too.

“Nothing comes for free” that’s right people; do not get into the trap of “FREE” web-hosting plans. Please realize that the low cost plans will contain limited benefits, it also signifies lower quality of service. By lower quality of service, I mean that the downtime of your website would be much larger if you go for a cheap web-hosting plan, so what’s the point hosting it on a website which is down for several errors for most of the time. Familiarize yourself with the hosting company you choose by reading the reviews of the users who have used the hosting services of the website.

You should also look for the following parameters when choosing a hosting service:

1. Data Storage Capacity: The offered data storage capacity shouldn’t just be enough for the current size of your website, but should also be flexible enough to allow for future updates and changes, I recommend you go for a minimum 250MB data storage plan, again this is the minimum quantity I recommend, please choose a higher capacity plan for better performance.

2. Data Transfer Bandwidth: This signifies the maximum allowed data rate bandwidth; this should be as high as possible. When multiple users log-into your website the hosting service must do justice with all and must provide each user the best possible experience, hence having a high data rate bandwidth is essential.

3. Ads by the hosting company: There shouldn’t be any ads on the website by the hosting company.

4. Performance record of the hosting company: Do a research to examine the performance records of the hosting company by contacting the user who has used their services.

5. Finally, the price of the package: I recommend that you choose the highest priced plan which you can afford to spend on hosting, this will in-turn bring you more of what you spend i.e. your hard-earned money. I hope the above tips were helpful to you and wish your online website a grand success.

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6 Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce

More and more people are relying on the internet to go about their work. Most of the transactions nowadays are done online. E-commerce has grown rapidly in the past few years and according to an Ecommerce Web Development team, e-commerce is going to become the biggest single marketplace in the world and it will drive globalization to the next level. The following are 6 Best Word Press Plugins for Ecommerce:

1-Woo Commerce: This Word Press plugin is one the most loved and used of all Word Press plugins for e-commerce. Packed with powerful features, this plugin lets you transform Word Press into an extensive e-commerce store. You can nip and cut and make your online store as good as you might have imagined in your wildest dreams. From free features, to amazing features for which you might have to shell a few bucks, Woo Commerce gives everything and more that might be required to erect a brilliant platform and is used by a popular PHP Development Company.


2-WP ecommerce: This e-commerce plugin will help you build your own website, showcase products that you want to showcase, collect orders from the customers, and take money and put it in your bank safely. Selling products with this Word Press plugin is very easy and smooth. With full control over your online store, you can change its look and feel and the way it functions, any time you want.

3-Crat66 lite: This light yet powerful Word Press plugin can make selling of both digital and physical product a wonderful experience. It provides multiple currency and shipping options, and you can give a whole international aroma to your website. You can even place ads wherever you want, and use other marketing techniques to make more money. Crat66 lite gives you all the freedom that you can ask from a Word Press plugin.

4-Market Press: This Word Press plugin is rich in different features and easy to use. You can build a beautiful website using this plugin for e-commerce. Users can witness a beautiful yet simple shopping experience, thanks to Market Press, which is really user friendly and fuss free. From placing orders, to collecting money to the overall display of shopping items, Market Press impresses through it all.


5-eShop plugin: eShop is simple yet effective and serves its purpose as an e-commerce plugin. You can easily add products and customize things according to your requirement with eShop. It is quick and has a simple interface with multiple shopping and payment options. You can make of different options provided to come up with a colorful, user friendly e-commerce website.

6-Quick Shop: This Word Press plugin for e-commerce is easy to use and provides an interactive platform to the user. A customer can even connect it with his email id and with multiple payment options, this plugin is one of the best Word Press plugin around. You can add a sidebar that will give the user access to their cart and show their shopping details too.